Say goodbye to code duplication and performance problems with ng-templates in large projects

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🏢 Large Applications and Angular

♨️ The Problem

An elegant no-hassle way to get rid of meaningless technical plumbing in your business Angular components.

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A critical reflection on my past self after completing an MSc. in software engineering and sky-rocketing my career as a respected web development expert

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6 techniques to write your stylesheets as clean as ever — making them easy to read, maintain and reuse.

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The major characteristics of Core and Shared module in Angular, pro tips and tricks plus a rule of thumb for determining which module to put your Angular code into

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Three techniques for saving bandwidth and computing resources consumed by your RESTful services

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💸 Why Bother

The most common RxJS operators and techniques for fetching data from APIs

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🚷 A Few Antipatterns to Begin With

Nested Subscribing

Accelerate your way to programming proficiency by learning the concepts contained within these 5 programming languages.

📖 How To Read This Story

5 techniques for quickly handling unsubscribe() calls to a large number of subscriptions inside your Angular components + a guide on which one to choose for your project

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🧱 The Basics

Radek Busa

I’m a senior full-stack web developer based in Prague, currently studying, an AI/ML enthusiast course.

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